Why I’m Running

I am a proud product of Chino Valley and starting a family of my own. I want to ensure all students have schools that are innovative, safe, and inclusive to maximize learning potential and opportunity as I once had. I’m running because I believe I can best serve our community and help our students find their passions, purpose, and generate new leaders. It’s time we provide students with leaders who inspire hope, creativity, and compassion.

A message from Bobby...

When I attended Townsend Jr. High and Chino Hills High School, I was a shy child of hardworking immigrant parents who didn’t always fit in. Fortunately, I had teachers who encouraged me to grow, learn, and feel welcomed.

I started the Chino Hills High School Computer Club, and this inspired me to pursue a career in technology. Today I design software, websites, and support local businesses.

I met my wife while planning for our high school’s ten-year reunion. As we start a family of our own, I see our current School Board drive away teachers who motivate, threaten students who are different and embarrass our community with an extremist agenda. Instead, let's bridge our community together, lead our schools to better educational outcomes, and find common ground to solve problems of today.

I am running for School Board to ensure that our students are safe, teachers are respected, and our schools focus on education & reflect our values. Please consider voting for me on or by November 5th, 2024 to bring positive change into our schools and community.

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