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Organizational Endorsements

Individual Endorsements

Al Jabbar

Chief of Staff, OC Supervisor Doug Chaffee & Anaheim UHSD Board of Trustees ('13-'22)

I’m proud to support Bobby in his campaign for CVUSD school board. We need more young, forward-looking leaders like Bobby who understand how imperative it is for students to have 21st century skills needed to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow. I’ve been impressed with his strong commitment to student achievement and safety, and appreciate his dedication, integrity and knowledge of the issues facing public education. Please join me in supporting Bobby for CVUSD School Board in Trustee Area 5.

Allyson Damikolas

Tustin USD School Board Trustee

I’m proud to support Bobby Omari’s campaign for Chino Valley Unified School District. Bobby is full of potential: he’ll be a champion for all kids in our community, so everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American dream. He knows the value of public education, and the respect our teachers and classified staff deserve. In a time when our school boards are the frontlines of our democracy, I’m glad Bobby is standing up for our community, and I hope everyone will join me in supporting his campaign.

Bill Klein

Former CVUSD Board Member (2001-2009)

Bobby Omari is exactly what the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) needs at this time. Bobby is a conscientious, reasonable, and well-intentioned service minded member of the community. As a former eight-year CVUSD Board Member, I know all too well the demands facing a governing Board Member; Bobby has the patience and temperament needed for the job and, more importantly, he is genuinely and sincerely concerned about the District and the people he will serve. Bobby Omari will serve ALL people in the District and he will excel as your representative and community steward on the Board. It is without reservation that I strongly support and endorse Bobby Omari for the CVUSD Board of Education and I urge you do the same with your vote.

senator connie leyva smiling outdoors

Connie Leyva

Executive Director of KVCR Public Media, Senator District 20 (ret.)

Chino Valley deserves school board leaders who care deeply about their community, inspire hope and optimism, and are ready to invest in education. That’s why I’m endorsing Bobby Omari for Chino Valley Unified School Board. Bobby is a product of CVUSD and is a professional who understands the value of equipping students with 21st century skills and ensuring they have the opportunities and tools needed to succeed. I have no doubt he will be an incredible asset to the school board and community.

don bridge in a suit and tie

Don Bridge

CVUSD School Board Member, Retired Teacher

Bobby’s unique experiences and background make him an excellent candidate that will inspire hope, creativity, and innovation for the students and faculty of CVUSD. I am confident Bobby can help bridge our community together and create more opportunities for students with his rationality, 21st century skills, and dedication to reinvesting into the community that helped shape his own successes. As a former CVUSD educator, I am proud to endorse Bobby for CVUSD school board!

aileen dinkjian smiling for a business photo

Dr. Aileen O. Dinkjian

Chaffey College Foundation, Board of Directors

Bobby Omari is the ideal candidate for the Chino Valley Unified School District school board, possessing a rare blend of compassion, integrity, and dedication. With a strong commitment to student safety, inclusivity, and equity, Bobby stands out as a steadfast advocate for all students, ensuring that no one is overlooked or left behind. He prioritizes the dignity and respect of educators while focusing on maintaining a curriculum that reflects the values of the community. Bobby's leadership promises to bring positive change to the district, making him a highly endorsed candidate for the School Board.

Dr. Jeff Kim

Irvine USD Board of Trustees

I first met Mr. Bobby Omari, Candidate for CVUSD School Board 2024 Trustee Area 5 at an educational conference and was impressed by his desire to learn, connect and learn from others, and make a difference with students, educators, and others. That kind of heart will take him far. I endorse Bobby Omari for CVUSD School Board.

Gloria Negrete McLeod

Chaffey College Board Member (District 5)

Bobby is a 21st century leader that understands the challenges facing our youth. He is committed to serving all our community. As an effective communicator, problem-solver, and critical thinker, Bobby can inspire hope and drive students to successful outcomes focused on education and their future. That is why I am endorsing Bobby because I know he will excel as a board member, and be an asset to the students, community, parents, and teachers he deeply respects and values.

jay chen mt sac board of trustee smiling with a suit on

Jay Chen

Trustee, Mt. San Antonio Community College

Bobby demonstrates a deep commitment to providing equal opportunities for everyone to achieve the American dream through quality education. Bobby's background positions him as an excellent candidate to inspire hope, creativity, and innovation for both students and faculty. His rationality, dedication to reinvesting in the community, and commitment to bridging divides make him a standout choice. As a Mt. SAC Trustee, I am confident that Bobby will bring positive change to his school board, creating more opportunities for students and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

Laura Mancha

San Bernardino County Board of Education

Chino Valley USD can be a top performer in San Bernardino County, and Bobby Omari is the leader to take it there. With a clear vision, dedication to public education, and a commitment to building a strong community, Bobby promises success. As a former CVUSD student and technology professional, he brings a unique perspective to recruit top educators and introduce innovative learning opportunities, preparing students for the future beyond K12 education. I hope you will join me in supporting Bobby Omari for Chino Valley Unified Board of Trustees.

pam feix

Pam Feix

Educator, Chino Valley School Board Member ('14-'18)

As a retired educator and former member of the Chino Valley Unified School Board, it's my pleasure to endorse Bobby Omari for School Board. His commitment to student success and to bringing innovation and 21st century technology advances to CVUSD is exciting and much needed in our district. Bobby's positivity and support of teachers, classified staff and all students and families is exactly what this community needs. I'm proud to support his candidacy for Trustee Area 5.

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