richard wallace from chino hills high school is supporting bobby omari for chino valley school board

Richard Wallace

Art class was where I met some of my best friends, was able to express myself, be challenged, and learned to appreciate the talents of others. One particular student who stood out from the crowd was Richard Wallace. Richard made art, creativity, and being kind look effortless. 

Richard attended Oak Ridge Elementary, Townsend Jr. High, and Chino Hills High School. It was no secret Richard excelled in visual arts; it was his favorite subject in school. Richard credits his teachers’ genuine care and engagement in the classroom that allowed him to feel welcomed and supported. Mr. Bates, Mr. Ramstack, Ms. Stow, Mr. Aiassa, and Mr. Erbst are some educators who Richard credits with truly shaping his experience at CVUSD. 

Whether it was drawing and painting or drama and theater, Richard found inspiration in visual and performing arts during his time at CVUSD. He graduated from Chino Hills High School in 2009 and went on to major in Animation at Cal State University Fullerton and received his Secondary Education degree at University of Phoenix. Today, Richard (or Mr. Wallace) is a high school art teacher at Chino Hills High School. His contributions, talents, passion, care, and compassion for students, art, and education are pivotal to continuing the cycle of student success in the Chino Valley community. 

Mr. Wallace says he sees fewer art classes and performing arts opportunities compared to his time at CVUSD. If elected to school board, I will support investing resources back into these programs so that ALL students can have the opportunity to explore freedom of expression, development of their own creativity, and foster a sense of community with other students. 

Richard said, “Public education should ignite the flame of creativity in every student so it can illuminate their pathway to a brighter future. We need more people like Bobby to help fan that flame.”

I am incredibly honored to have Richard’s support for my election to school board. Richard understands that his community needs someone hardworking and trustworthy to represent all students, teachers, and familIes.

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