former chino valley student daniel mora who supports bobby omari for chino valley school board. He is wearing his graduation outfit, standing at the steps of Yale University, and sitting with friends at a Yale event.

Daniel Mora

Over the past several months I’ve spoken to many Chino Valley students and I am always impressed by their ability to articulate ideas, level of compassion and maturity, and ambition to make a difference in our community. Daniel Mora is already all those things– and he’s just getting started! 

Daniel comes from a family of Mexican immigrants and is a first-generation college student. He attended Rhodes Elementary, Magnolia Jr. High, and graduated as Valedictorian from Chino High School in 2023. 

Two of Daniel’s teachers, Mr. Rossen (Rhodes Elementary) and Mr. Dávila (Chino High School), truly shaped and supported his educational journey at CVUSD and beyond. Mr. Rossen helped push Daniel outside of his comfort zone and allowed him to grow as a student. Mr. Dávila’s Government AP class sparked Daniel’s passion for government and politics and led Daniel to pursue a major in Political Science at Yale University. Daniel’s experience on the debate team helped shape his public speaking skills and the rigor the AP program provided helped prepare him for his classes at Yale.

As a recent high school graduate, Daniel has had time to reflect on his experience at CVUSD. He says CVUSD impacted the way he approached his education because it made him realize he had to hold himself to account, he was in control of his own future, and that school was just a conduit to reaching the next milestone. Daniel is proud to be a CVUSD alum because of the amazing teachers he had and the diverse community he grew up in. 

Daniel’s brothers still attend school in CVUSD and Daniel said he is worried about the differences he sees from when he attended., “I notice that those who are on the school board are actively deteriorating the quality of education in schools as well as putting the lives of many students at risk for their own personal gain,” Daniel said. “Students and their education should be the priority for those in charge, however, it unfortunately is not.” 

Daniel has been an advocate for civic engagement and encourages students, teachers, and other stakeholders of our community to get involved. His message to voters is, “I recommend that voters elect Bobby Omari for CVUSD School Board because he will fight for all students, parents, and teachers as well as ensure that the board prioritizes education and the protection of students and not political issues that have caused division and harm.” 

I’ve had the honor to meet Daniel and his parents multiple times, discuss some of their concerns at CVUSD, and learn more about their experiences. Daniel gives me so much hope about the future and I truly believe the next generation of youth will propel us toward a better future that’s more inclusive, compassionate, and solution-oriented. I’m proud to have his support for my campaign for Chino Valley Unified School Board in November 2024!

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