Scholarship Prep Careers Website
Scholarship Prep is a non-profit public Charter School that required a unique solution to allow teachers the ability to create and manage their own pages to post homework assignments, resources, photos, and other various forms of media to keep their students and parents up-to-date. Additionally, Scholarship Prep required a platform that could easily scale to add more school sites, users, and administrators. I wireframe, designed, and built not only the front-end of the web application, but also the custom content management system used by school site administrators and teachers. Design and front-end code was handed-off to backend developers. To date, Scholarship Prep - Santa Ana is #1 In The State in Math Growth on 2018 CAASPP! Beyond web design and development, I provide support for Scholarship Prep with print media such as school agendas, banners, posters, bussiness cards, and letterheads.